Start your venture in china !

StartupYard is a global ThinkTank that provides a zero-to-one Bootcamp for international Wantrepreneurs to kick-off their Startup in China.


Connect international people and help them find their passion to become global entrepreneurs.


Shape global entrepreneurs that build sustainable ventures to make the world better.


The bootcamp

what we offer

Knowledge Transfer

The combined and compressed knowledge and experience of more than 50 successful entrepreneurs in China.

Expanded Network

Direct access to the key partners in the Chinese ecosystem, such as investors, mentors and possible co-founders

Proven Curriculum

A refined curriculum that goes into the pain points of every foreign founder in China and how to solve them.

Like-minded Community

Be part of a community of fellow innovators, wantrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs to discuss and exchange knowledge and experiences and gain feedback.

Certificate of Completion

Showcase your new skills and knowledge to your friends and colleagues on LinkedIn.

Startup Idea Generator

Opportunity to turn your passion into a successful business idea in China.

What did those involved have to say . . .

"The StartupYard Bootcamp is exactly what I would have needed when I founded my startup two years ago."
John Kaller
"You guys gave us, in a very short way, a step by step that every startup goes through."
Costa Neto
Bootcamp Wantrepreneur
"I feel like actually there's nothing impossible. I just needed to find the right way and right direction, and know the logic behind it."
Bootcamp Wantrepreneur
"It saves a lot of my time and money that could be wasted. So I really owe the StartupYard team and I hope you guys can do much more events for people like me."
Bootcamp Wantrepreneur

NOw: the first step to your Own venture !